Things N Such - The Birth of a Retail Baby!

When you finally have to come to terms with your passion that borders on obsession, you put your money where your mouth is and take the leap!
Things N Such has been created out of equal parts obsessive shopping thoughts AND necessity. By necessity, if you can imagine waking up every single day and knowing deep down in your spirit that marching to a prerecorded drum beat feels more like a painful life sentence that you can't ignore...not one more day of being at someone else's beck and call, yep... sometimes you step out there, holding each other's hands tight andddddd JUMP!
This incredible and ever-changing store features all things that make us tick. From feminine wares that make my heart leap for joy, to masculine ways that create inspiration and excitement, along with homey creature comforts that resonate with the introvert in me that LIVES for a home that has peace and tranquility seeping from its pores...
Yea, Things N Such promises to give you all you need... and them some.
So come on in... pull up a corner of carpet and dive in deeply to this love thang we call Things N Such. Retail therapy is our specialty and sessions have begun!
See you soon ;)
Things N Such

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